Inter DHOing

The book of agreements, protocols, rules and principles to support the inter DHO weaving and coherence

Inter DHOing beginners guide

The Inter DHOing beginners guide is an open exploration. 

The invitation is for a search for colective inner-coherence and commitment to step into the unknown, allowing for an ecology of projects to grow in its individuality and collective interdependency.

It is a deep individual search for deep relations and an acknowledgement of our absolute interdependency with our world and surroundings. It is a commitment that bears the responsibility of preserving and improving the conditions to human flourishment. It is also the recognition that such conditions are not separate from the living conditions provided by earth to all living beings neither from the relationship between all elements in our world.

This is a book of protocols, and the use of the word is also an invite to explore the ancient meaning of protocols, collecting the wisdom of indigenous people.

Why Protocols (from Indigenous Protocol and Artificial Intelligence Workshops Position Paper)

Protocol can be understood in Indigenous contexts generally as guidelines for initiating, maintaining and evolving relationships. These can be relationships with other humans, and they can also be relationships with non-humans such as animals, rocks, and wind.