Enter the World of Samara

Our Identity and the Massive Transformational Purpose that sustains us through every cycle of the journey. The kind of terrain you're landing in and how to navigate. Some background, context and foundational concepts.

Who is Samara?

'An unfolding Lotus with Roots deep below the water'


"In this photograph the sky looks like a world in itself. This is a bit like Samara's emerging identity. Emerging from the soil. Through the Roots. Needing some time to grow and open into the world with each petal in just the right place. Amongst all the leaves, if you look closely, it's there, half unfurled."

Samara, Emergent

Samara’s essence, emergent.
We yearn for the vast and endless sea
Of the world our hearts know is possible,
And so we build our Samara-ship,
The ship in which we will sail into these uncharted waters,
Leaving a wake so that those who wish to follow, may.

Samara’s vision, emergent.
The vision of a destination that will keep us on course through the inevitable storms,
A vision of who we are, who we serve, and how we serve them,
A vision to unite and guide our motley crew,
Aligning us around our inspiration.

Samara’s being, emergent.
As within, so without, becoming and being the change we wish to see in the world,
Yang and yin in co-creative harmony,
Playing joyfully, exploring intrepidly,
In the fertile void of uncertainty,

Honouring our gifts, honouring our souls, honouring Gaia.


Stated simply, the new Decentralised Holonic Organisation, Samara, arose out of a perceived need to help SEEDS spread further - the outreach and engagement counterpart to Hypha's role as provider of technological tools for the Regenerative Renaissance. However, there seem to be deeper and more significant forces at work. Samara is far, far more than just a marketing department.

There is a sense, maybe not universal but certainly widespread, within Samara-the-Organisation that there is a Samara-the-Being, or Samara-the-Archetype, that is inviting us to get to know her better. We are holding an open question and spirit of enquiry around her purpose for having called together this particular group of individuals, and a desire to find a powerful vision around which we can align and harmonise in order to amplify and maximise our impact. 

Although not yet articulated explicitly, Samara-the-Organisation has an implied collective understanding that our Reason For Gathering is connected with the new paradigm, the shift to recognising the interdependence of all things as a precursor to the Regenerative Renaissance. Our name, Samara, was inspired by the wings that enable seeds to fly further, and our purpose is definitely connected with helping Seeds the currency and SEEDS the movement to spread further afield. 

But it is more than that. Seeds the currency could be seen as a bridge between the old paradigm and the new. It could become a point attractor to which the pioneers of the new paradigm will feel drawn, so that they can find each other and combine forces. It could enable people to live in accordance with their life purpose, expressing their unique gifts in the way the world requires of us now. 

If Samara is to be a conduit into the new paradigm, it seems only appropriate that she should be manifested through a new paradigm process. The old paradigm operates on the Material plane, working with what can be seen and heard with our physical senses. The new paradigm operates both on the Energetic and the Material planes.  It invites the participants to sense into the intelligence of the Field to first find the inspiration of what is needed by the world at this time, yearning to emerge through the collective, before then translating this into practical outcomes, processes and systemic change.  In other words, the material is informed by the energetic alignment.  

Samara’s exploration of Purpose can help to create a replicable yet unique and pioneering process. A process that can be used by subsequent DHOs to arrive at their own clearly articulated Purpose. A purpose which evolves and assists effective implementation as they continue their Work.

Logbook of the journey so far:

The workshop facilitated by Sanjay Rajan on 22nd January 2021 guided participants through a thoughtfully-designed process. The group defined and then consolidated potential statements of Samara’s Purpose, and arrived at:

Grow the abundant, regenerative potential of SEEDS

There were many strong points to this process:

The workshop also inspired some ideas for future experimentation:

Purpose: The Next Iteration

There is a proposal currently on the table with enthusiastic support (as of 8th April 2021) which is pending approval. This proposal would bring in a highly aligned and experienced external facilitator to run a series of sessions. This aims to build on the learnings from the January workshop, and to explore an alternative approach that emphasises the complementary dynamics of yin intuition and yang practicality. 

 The sessions specifically aim to support Samarans through a process that will:

The proposed facilitator is Emily Lane, as she is already known and trusted by many members of the Samara community, who were either present for the call with her on 4th March this year, or have since watched the recording (https://vimeo.com/519513562). The proposal is here

Timeline of Proposed process:

Preparation: Recording to Prepare

Week 1: The Yin Journey

Week 2: Yang Practicalities

Week 3: Integration Ceremony/Ritual (currently planned to take place at the exact time of the May full moon/supermoon/lunar eclipse)


Questions for Enquiry are also being asked at the same time as this proposal is being sought.

Material for the purpose and the values and principles which will form around it have started to be recorded in this Google Document

We anticipate a clear value proposition synthesising through the combination of these approaches, with the facilitated process using the material added by all participants to collect around a unified and emergent purpose. 

The collection and wholistic exploration process in the document above takes a comprehensive approach. It covers the following questions:


The Fruit of Samara

image-1618487841747.pngA maple seed falls in a characteristic helical motion; the shape of a helix; spiral. 


When I (Trent) was younger, I always loved playing with samara seeds. I would collect them up – careful not to damage them, and drop them from the highest place I could find. Noticing as they topple for just a moment then, with an almost eerie certainty, "floop!" right into rhythm copter-ing gently on down... landing softly on the grass as I swiftly released the breath I'd been grasping onto. Phew! Relief. Softness. Stillness. Safety. Certainty.



It appears the "initial transition from rest to a steady gyration" occurs in three steps:
#First a tumble about the span-wise direction, followed by a tilt towards the vertical axis,
#Second leading to the gyration about the vertical axis and an opening of the cone angle before #Third finally settling into a steady state descent towards Planet Earth.

There is Peace within that Patience. 
There is Joy & Excitement, anticipating each samara's transition to its own personal fall,
it's own transitional drama into the ground.