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BFG Connection upgrade to DHO

BFG to Climate Cooling

The first ever BFG co-writing challenge using a wiki!

DHO Journey

This is an "open book" aiming to support and learn-from all that want to start a DHO Journey. The DHO Journey is a collective exploration, it is an open invite to exploration and co-creation. Decentralised: - Is both a celebration of individual voice and interdependence. - Understunds Power as an emergent property of the collective will. Power with not power over. - Understands the complex nature of relations. Human: - Celebrating Life - Celebrating human will for collective action - Celebrating both our individual uniqueness and our interdependency Organisation: - Sustains our capacity for collective action - Explores the edges of collaboration - Mimics Nature organising wisdom

Hypha Experiments

Joachim's Thought Space

Hypha Handbook


Hypha Policies

Hypha Strategic Alliances

Inter DHOing

The book of agreements, protocols, rules and principles to support the inter DHO weaving and coherence

Samara Archives

Samara Orbs

Samara Policies

Samara Quests

SEEDS Ambassadors Academy

The purpose of the SEEDS Ambassadors Journey & Academy is to empower you to co-create in SEEDS & HYPHA in a purposeful, highly effective, and nourishing manner. SEEDS Ambassadors support individuals and organisations to onboard to the SEEDS ecosystem and movement. The Ambassador Academy is the learning frame made to empower you co-create with us!

Shared Services

The Chronicles of Samara


Web Policies

Note, the book will be removed by EOM (June) unless activity occurs -JS