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Guest Speakers


Dr. Terry Mollner - Bio

Founding Member – Calvert Social Investment Funds

And Director Emeritus – Calvert Impact Fund 

Dr. Mollner is founder and chair of Stakeholders Capital, Inc., a socially responsible asset management firm in MA and CA and the Massachusetts-based Trusteeship Institute, Inc., an economic and social policy think tank since 1972. He is a founding member of the Board of Directors of Calvert Social Investment Funds and Calvert Impact Capital. In 2000, he also took the lead that resulted in Ben & Jerry’s Homemade, Inc. being bought by Unilever, Inc. so it legally sustained its ability to be a socially responsible company and afterwards served on its board for eighteen years. He helped establish the Sirius intentional community in Western Massachusetts and is currently spear heading an program to end world child hunger through his Trust the Children non-profit. He has been interested in alternative currency developments and has recently joined the SEEDS community.

He is the author of 12 Self-Evident Truths About Truth: And, Recommended Priorities for 2020 US Presidential Candidates, Common Good Capitalism Is Inevitable, and The Love Skill: We Are Each Mastering the 7 Layers of Human Maturity. He is a Fellow of the World Business Academy and a member of the Social Venture Network. (A draft of his newest booklet, “Sensation of Oneness” is attached.

Watch the speaker presentation on 4/29/2021 - 

Dr. Ira Kaufman

Author of “EMPOWER US”, Co-Founder of GLOBAL TRANSFORMATION CORPS, MBA professor, former president of Legacy International Non-Profit based in Bedford, Virginia with a forty-year track record in producing values-based transformation leadership training for young entrepreneurs primarily in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa), widely respected digital marketing expert, business and transformation consultant in the MENA region and close personal friend and colleague.

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I have invited him to present an overview of the Legacy Intl/Global Transformation Corps Values-Based Impact-Driven Four Module Training and Incubator Program for young transformation leaders and entrepreneurs. This program is based the 40-year record of deep experience in young entrepreneurs training around the world developed by Legacy International based in Bedford, VA and Washington DC. GTC is working with Susan Davis and Walter Moora and their local team to launch their training program in Vilcabamba to help their team optimize the implementation of their SEEDS grants. GTC is sending a delegation to Vilcabamba Sept. 17, 2021 to evaluate the needs there and localize the GTC training program to their specific requirements.