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How to use this collaborative book to co-create!

Your two week BFG wiki challenge:
  1. Start writing on the page where your energy and enthusiasm is. You can write on more than one page.
  2. Try to write every day.
  3. Try to read what others have written before your write on a page. Remember you can edit anything that has already been written.
  4. Try not to write more than a couple of paragraphs for the first two weeks. Once all writers have started to write and are involved we can create new pages and evolve to longer pieces. 

See an example of a co-written book (only 2 weeks with 7-10 people!) and read about a decentralised, creative organization in The Chronicles of Samara.

Alternatively click 'Shelves' at the top right of this page to see all the current books in this library - BFG has it's first shelf and YOU are creating the very first book! 

To learn more about what a Decentralized Human Organisation is, see the starter book now being created DHO Journey.