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Trust Nature and Trust Each Other

"Where's the evidence that natural farming can feed the world?" This is a question thrown at those developing alternative farming systems to the conventional ones. These conventional ones generally use external chemical inputs and practice monocropping. Natural farming aims to follow the way nature works. My answer to the question above is: "We have millions of years of evidence in the way nature works. Go into a natural situation and see how healthy that situation is. Is that not evidence enough? We need to start trusting nature instead of trying to control nature, as has been the overriding tendency in the last century or so." As soon as we take that step of trusting nature, it begins us on a path to farming and use of land in general that has huge bountiful potential, just as nature is bountiful.

Earth is always trying to fix itself.  We are not alone if we are trying to fix it. 

Doing what we can is not a useless waste of effort. Many naysayers think that you are just wasting your time unless you are doing something really big to help slow climate change. I don’t think that is true. Little things add up.