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Hypha Reorganization Program

This proposal has not been entered into the Hypha DHO for voting.

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The goal of this document is to start a dialogue to clarify the boundaries for Hypha and provide a much needed strategic framework to focus and prioritize our work in the future. Hypha is currently facing increasing internal tensions due to a missing strategy and inability to move the organization forward in a coherent way. As a result, there are too many conflicts that remain unresolved and too many opportunities that cannot be followed through. The purpose of this program is to further drive coordination costs down through a series of stages and decisions that prepares and positions the organization for much more to come while still operating  in the context of regeneration and decentralization.

Metamorphosis by Philip Glass sonifying the changes Hypha is going through.


The idea is to reorganize Hypha by reducing complexity, strengthening cohesion and providing a true north for everyone to move towards a more effective organization that is not pulled into many directions a once and that is able to focus on product development without too  many distractions. This process is done through disentanglement & decoupling (strip out any unrelated elements), followed by prioritization & rebuilding (activate a new strategy).
  1. Disentangle & decouple
  2. Prioritize & Rebuild






To frame the conversation, we start with a set of leading questions to help everyone focus on the important parts of the program. These questions are best discussed in a real-time session with key stakeholders of the organization, and each stage can have one or more sessions before moving on to the next stage.

Sensing into Hypha

  1.   Where is our energy? our motivation to drive change? our North Star?
  2.   Where is our boundary? our capacity limit? our level of execution?
  3.   Where is our next destination? our potential impact? our next local maximum?
  4.   What are our engines? our core products? our drivers for regen growth?
  5.   What is our relationship to Seeds - the currency, the movement, the people?
  6.   What is it that only we can do? what and where are the needs? 

Activating vs Building



Delineating boundaries

Inside of Hypha Boundary  Outside of Hypha Boundary 
Core Product Development (roadmap) Product Adoption & Exaptation (feedback loops)
Core Product Positioning (audience) Product Deployment & Delivery (accelerators)
Core Product Promotion (brand) Product Customization & Contractual Work (clients)

Strengthening core functions

Function Internal External
Human Relations
&& Human Heartbeat
Sensing into the human heartbeat of org Bringing new energy and people into Hypha and deployment spaces
&& Design
Bringing clarity into Hypha for all members - DAO, LW, PTM part of Hypha website. Communicating what we do to the outside world (the stories, the impact, the model)
Finance &&
Launching Living Budgets and Hypha accounting practices Bringing new funding/investors into Hypha
Legal &&
Compliance (advisory)
Preparing Hypha members for the shift towards products Formalities of registering an LLC and safe harbor process for us and other DHOs

Strengthening core apps

Product Suite Short term Long term
LW (transact && transfer) Separate Seeds and/or governance from LW Intersection of WeChat and VISA cards
ID/PP (identity && access && widgets) Create new app for DAC/DCO space (non-Seeds) Society 4.0, Global Identity and Passport
DHO (coordinate && reward) Multi-tenancy DHO ESGs, Multi-purpose DHO, Cooperatives
PTM & SWAP (trade && exchange) PTM and Tressel Bridge to traditional banking

Strengthening symbiosis

Organization Scope Area of Concern
Seeds Coordination Hub Global & Bioregional, Horizontal, Socio-Ecological bioregions, academies, explorers, alliances, home of ambassadors
Samara Accelerator DHO Global, Vertical, Socio-psychological consultancies, organization starter kits, org-in-a-box
Village Coordination Hub/RVA Bioregional, Local, Socio-political village experiences & platforms, village-in-a-box
Marketplace Coordination Hub Global, Vertical, Socio-


Marketplace starter kits, marketplace-in-a-box
D Pollinator DHO Global, Socio-economic Incubator powerhouse (Y Combinator style)

Prioritize & Re-build

    This stage is concerned with the implementation and execution of the actual strategy and execution for the organization. It works towards concrete steps to get the work done outlined in previous stages. 


    Primary strategic elements

    • Strategy Roundtable
    • Boundaries for core apps and extensions
    • Revenue models for core apps
    • Revisiting removing-the-keys after the DAO LLC

    Deployment Strategies

    Deployment Lenses/Facets

    Lens Stakeholders Area of Concern
    Socio-Ecological Regenerators, Environmentalists, Activists, Farmers, Low Income Communities, Indigenous Communities, Developmental Aid Groups, Environmental & Sustainable Growth (ESG) Initiatives Products for coordinating bioregional stewardship. Creating indigenous communities, a new way to define what is of value. A meta movement at the intersection of cosmology & ecology. 
    Socio-Economic Marketplace Builders, Micro-economists, Buyers-Sellers, Village Builders, City Dwellers, Famers, Coops, Supply Chains, Producers Products for ecommerce integrations, farmer's markets, a new way of coming together, regional coops. Transacting with existing markets and value streams.
    Socio-Political Governments, Municipalities, Politicians, Political Scientists, Mayors, Environmentalists, Institutions, Ministries Products for (eco) villages, urban cities, municipal & mayoral compliments, future-of-cities. Interfacing with nation states and geopolitical forces.
    Socio-Psychological Org Designers and Builders, CEOs, HR/Consultancies, Millennials, DAO LLCs Products for working better together, future-of-work, org maturity levels, new methods of decentralized organizing at scale, teal orgs, self-orgs, conscious orgs.

    Market Segments

    • Socio-ecological deployment (how we regenerate earth, CAS, DACs, indigenous communities, a new way to define what is of value, Seeds movement & ecology)
    • Socio-economic deployment (how to spin up and sustain local economies, e-commerce integrations, farmer's markets, a new way of coming together,  "marketplace-in-a-box")
    • Socio-political deployment (how to build (eco) villages, urban cities, how to get municipal & mayoral support, future-of-cities, "village-in-a-box")
    • Socio-psychological deployment (how to work better together, future-of-work, conscious orgs, teal orgs, self-org, "org-in-a-box", Cooperatives, ESGs, DAO LLCs)

    Secondary strategic elements

    • Branding & communication strategy
    • Banking and incorporation (Vast Bank & Wyoming DAO)
      • proof of Smart Contract (and changes to it)
      • selecting a registered agent (in Wyoming)
    • DHO adjustments via policy vote
      • Hypha Archetypes (adjusted for new structure)
        • Legacy frame: Development - Research - HR - Sales - Marketing
      • Hypha product metrics (focused on revenue)
      • Hypha membership (not tied to activity, but tied to HVOICE)
      • Role-assignment max period 6 mo

    Hypha Strategy Map


    Hypha Strategy Activation



    DAO Landscape


    PrimeDAO Case

    • Value Transfer: Producer > Consumer > Producer > Consumer < Decomposers (Trophic Chains)
    • Value Creation: info ecology, autopoietic platforms, regen finance models
    • Value Exchange: revenue generation, pricing strategy, economic growth