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Hypha Accelerator Program for Exponential Impact (APEX)


One of the challenges for Hypha is to grow the ecosystem in a healthy and sustainable way. The dominant strategy so far is to launch a large-scale movement (our own SEEDS movement) or movement-of-movements (uniting other movements) through an extensive network of ambassadors and word-of-mouth activities (such as events and campaigns). While this strategy leads to a potentially large influx of new users, it has to overcome the Chasm between Early Adopters and Early Majority. In order to Cross The Chasm, we must come together and find real and meaningful ways to collaborate (going deep). This is where a new, complementary strategy comes into play, called the Accelerator Program for Exponential Impact (APEX). 


This new growth strategy creates a special funding/grant program for "XOs", special organizations that act as accelerators or incubators with exponential impact. This new kind of organization is using a highly tuned socio-ecological, socio-cultural, and socio-technical "stack" that allows XOs to rapidly scale the ecosystem and activate hundreds, if not thousands of new local pilots around the planet. This is done through a deeper awareness of bioregional, communal, institutional and commons-based patterns that become directly embedded in the APEX approach. The primary delivery method for this organization is an "Organization-in-a-Box", "Marketplace-in-a-Box", or "Village-in-a-Box", a simple way to bundle our knowledge artifacts and recipes, to deliver it as a (digital or physical) box, and to capture the feedback in a cybernetic loop that Cheryl Heller calls the Social Design Process


Hypha has already prototyped this process through a Meiosis with Samara in which two quests were launched through a contribution proposal in Hypha with the intention to create a separate organization that is very much connected with Hypha through a symbiotic relationship. While the new entity is fully autonomous (e.g. via a separate token and governance model), the relationship remains mutual through a series of bi-directional knowledge and value flows (not unlike Nora Bateson's Symmathesy). As a side effect of this growth strategy, we are able to expand our ecosystem through "waves" in which these new entities can then themselves spawn the next generation of child-entities (a process known as autopoiesis). 

Application Process (DRAFT)

  1. Potential XOs review the application criteria and decide to apply
  2. A special XO incubation quest is proposed on the DHO (with a new organization account)
  3. As part of the application, a clear and concise purpose/aim of the XO must be provided
  4. If passed, the organization receives the first round of funding and begins the quest 

Application Criteria (DRAFT)

  • A min of 5 XO team members must be present (no max contraint)
  • A min of 2 milestones must be completed (no time constraint)
  • A min of 1.8 x value/equity must be returned to Hypha (based on HUSD)
  • A min set of org metrics must be maintained (e.g. STrAX and Impact Matrix)
  • A min set of org DNA must be implemented (e.g. Archetypes)
  • A min understanding of core concepts

Quest Reward (DRAFT)

  • The reward for the XO quest is 15-55K HUSD (TBD)
  • The applicant has access to the following Hypha resources
    • Multi-tenant DHO for Building your Decentralized Human Organization
    • Ability to create new DHOs via a special document type (to be voted on)
    • Social Collaboration and Messaging
    • Marketing Automation and Relationship Management
    • Video Conferencing and Audio Processing
    • Document and Media Asset Management
    • Web Content Publishing and Website Monitoring
    • Wiki and eBook Publishing
    • Note-taking and Bookmarking
    • API and Widget Integrations
  • more here..