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Our Symbiosis with Hypha

While there had been many preliminary discussions within and outside of Hypha to create a new sister or child organization, the actual incubation happened through a unique process that is not unlike Meiosis in biology. As many readers will undoubtedly recall from their biology classes in high school, Meiosis is a process of cell division in the reproductive process, during which one cell primes the egg (DHO, tools, tokens, resources) and the other produces the sperm (purpose and intent) to generate a new organism.


Hypha has created a "Samara Incubator Quest" (pictured below) that provided some initial funding (in HUSD) to launch an independent new entity called the Samara DHO (Decentralised Human Organization). The idea is to design this as a symbiotic relationship - both parties learn from each other and reap benefits in the future. The immediate benefit for Samara is receiving funds and knowledge (sowing seeds) and the long-term benefit for Hypha is to expand the network and gain a share in Samara's value creation. In other words, this is not a "one-sided deal" where one party exploits another party (knowingly or unknowingly) - we want both parties to succeed and thrive, growing further roots outside of Hypha and setting the stage for the next wave of meiosis.  


However, the story does not end here. The next wave will look back at their parents and think about ways to improve on their organization, very much like Samara has improved on their ways after learning from Hypha. This is an ongoing process that can ripple though the entire network as it expands into new and unexplored territories (not unlike the universe expanding in new space... well, technically, the universe is everything, so it isn't expanding into anything). What is important in this metaphor is that wave after wave can occur without parents ever knowing about daughter entities generations ahead. Each generation will create their own unique characteristics and archetypes, inheriting the "genetic material" from the parent DNA thereby carrying the message further and further out into the known and unknown world.