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Our Relationship with Hypha Movement Building

Hypha is the organization that created SEEDS and built the technology that supports it. They have also worked to support and grow the community of humans coming into SEEDS. These Humans come into an ecosystem designed to encourage play, learning, and collaboration towards building regenerative economies and organizations. This movement building effort has been led by the Movement Building Circle (MBC) within Hypha. 

If it weren't for the efforts of the MBC, Samara may have never formed. Many Samarans met and began exploring collaborative potential by participating in calls, events, and activities hosted by MBC. The Ambassador Academy gave us an essential deep-dive into SEEDS and a community of support for those looking to become an Ambassador for SEEDS.

E-Townhalls host conversations on specific areas of the SEEDS movement. They opened dialogue about areas for growth and improvement. Bioregional Cross Pollination calls also brought together active ambassadors from around the world to practice the arts of:

  • ecosystem mapping
  • Exploring adoption journeys
  • Asking tough questions about what it will take to create truly regenerative economies where Seeds can be circulated purposefully. 

These services and more fostered connections between people, ideas, and initiatives. These connections produced the relationships that led to Samara's birth. See Samara's Origin Story.

As we have sensed into Samara, we have come to clearly understand that a key expression of our purpose is to support local adoption pilots. These pilots are experimenting with how SEEDS (both Seeds, the currency, and all of the ecosystem services designed into the SEEDS economy and community) can deliver regenerative impact to local economies and organizations. MBC has pioneered the creation of SEEDS pilots. They continue to devote people and resources to support pilot growth. This is a potential overlap in activities among two very closely related organizations. 

Many Samarans involved in its birth struggled with the question, "Should we just work with MBC?" Ultimately, Samara clearly expressed a need to exist in a form beyond the container of Hypha's MBC. See Samara's Identity

This confident expression of transcendent purpose and form does not exclude a deep humility and desire to work collaboratively with MBC. The circle and individuals in MBC hold deep wisdom around this work. Samara could not have matured without it. Some Samarans still hold roles or contribute to quests within the MBC. 

Now that we know we must exist, our challenge is to constantly examine how we can exist with. Existing with is the only true form of existence in an interconnected and interdependent world. Our initial sense is that MBC is acting on a broader scale across regions (activating the SEEDS movement), while Samara is going deeper into specific local regenerative pilots (supporting regenerators to build organizations and market platforms). Of course, this sense will evolve as both Samara and MBC adapt to ever-changing context and membership. 


For example of this relationship in action, as MBC hosts the Ambassador Academy to provide core general training and global community-building for all SEEDS Ambassadors, Samara will then work with those Ambassadors exiting the Academy who are most committed to activating adoption pilots in their local communities. It will be critical to ensure Samara understands how Ambassadors exit the academy, and it will be critical for MBC to understand how to direct these types of locally committed ambassadors towards Samara's services. 

As we explore what this coexistence looks like in our activities and offerings, we hold several key understandings and intentions: 

  1. Redundancy is seen throughout thriving ecosystems and is a core element of resilience in systems.
  2. Redundancy and Efficiency are always in relationship. Redundancy pushed too far can create wasteful excess and inefficient use of resources. Efficiency pushed too far can create vulnerable failure points and structural rigidity that can collapse during unexpected changes in the system. 
  3. To best serve the Regenerative Renaissance, MBC and Samara must both strive for Symmathesy. They must support mutual learning through full transparency and active communication. As Paulo from MBC said - "Our redundancy will be synergistic, as long as we're sharing our learnings."

Both parties have acknowledged that consistent and regular communication and shared knowledge gardens will be necessary. These will maintain the right balance between redundancy and efficiency. We have committed to an intentional Samara-MBC call at least once a month. We recognize that our shared membership and activities present opportunities for constant communication outside these scheduled times. 

In the future, we hope to share a more refined map of our relationship, including a shared knowledge garden that contains relevant resources, initiatives, offerings, and lessons learned.