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Our DNA and RNA and our Code

The Samara DHO is encoding its basic building blocks in a kind of organizational DNA that can be easily replicated to other DHOs. DNA is the material in cells that contains the genetic information used in the development of all known living organisms. The information carried by DNA is held in the sequence of pieces of DNA called genes. For us, these genes are called Archetypes and they describe the basic building blocks of our our organization. 

The central tenet of molecular biology is often expressed as “DNA makes RNA, RNA makes proteins, proteins make us”. In the same way, once we have defined our organizational DNA, we can transcribe it to our organizational RNA, our Activities (body of work) that is carried out by our body of people. These activities include working on assignments, claiming pay-outs for contributions, or earning badges for accomplishments. 

Just like cell division is essential for cells to multiply and organisms to grow, Samara is preparing its DNA to transcribe and replicate new entities in hot spots around the planet (in molecular biology, transcription is the process by which the genetic information stored in DNA is used to produce an RNA strand). We are providing a blueprint for many possible combinations of this organizational material (like genetics). To learn more about this replication process, read through the Future State chapter where we introduce the Organization-in-a-Box, the Marketplace-in-a-Box, and the Village-in-a-Box. 


Our own DNA is the code of Samara, which is unique. Parts of that code are archetypal and transferable. The packages and services we send out are the RNA we use to spread the essence of the life within us. This essence moves primarily through human beings. Through them it travels into the technology, services and growth factors that lead them to become Endlessly Regenerative.