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Samara's Membership Model


Samara is an open and decentralized member organization. There are no bosses and no hierarchies (in a traditional sense), Samara evolves on an evolutionary scale —when the time is right, new people and new ideas will appear. You can step into Samara, join a quest, hold a role, adjust your commitment, and step out at any time. 

Traditional workplaces only offer a binary "in-out" distinction between members and non-members. Either you're an employee with the pay, perks, and information access, or you're locked out. What's more, this critical decision of who's in and who's out is often made just from looking at a piece of paper, a couple interviews, and asking someone to commit long-term to a role and workplace that they've never actually tried. 

In Samara, we believe there's a more effective approach for discovering if your purpose, interests, and skills are a good fit for our organization and our people. That's why we have multiple stages of membership and multiple contribution types designed to support you in exploring your fit and commitment to Samara. Each of these stages is rewarded with a badge that members can apply to when the time has come and the criteria have been fulfilled.

The opening flower symbolises the journey of unfolding and contributing to Samara's purpose.



You are automatically considered a Guest the first time you show up - invited or not! Samara welcomes, hosts and honours all Guests. You may decide to only stay for a little while, but we want to embrace you with the resources, conversations and tools you need to sense whether you would like to make a home here. Guests are not official members with the ability to vote in DHO decisions or receive compensation, but they are listened to in open forums and have access to our conversation spaces (Discord, Loomio, etc.) and knowledge gardens (Miro, Wiki, etc.).

We suggest reading this book and joining our open calls (link to come) as the best first steps when learning about Samara. If you'd like to explore Samara further through actively contributing, we welcome you to schedule an onboarding call (link to come). 


Apprentices are official Samara Members, with the ability to propose your own quest to Samara,  request to join existing Samara quests, or apply for a role. We recommend starting with a quest before applying for a role, as it will give both you and Samara a chance to understand if it will be a good long-term fit.

  • A Quest is a specific objective or set of objectives, paired with measurable Key Results (OKRs) and a compensation request. Quests are generally time-bound, and can have one or multiple participants. If you sense a key need in Samara, you're welcome to propose a quest to serve it! If Samara votes to accept your participation in a Quest, it's up to you to execute and return for an completion vote, at which point you can receive your compensation, if accepted. 
  • Like traditional jobs, a Role is a commitment to a set of activities, with regular compensation for executing those activities. Roles can be time-bound, but are generally longer-term. If you can't take on a role at 100% of your capacity - that's OK! Roles can be designed to accommodate various commitment levels. 

As an apprentice, you'll have access to The DHO (what we call the blockchain-based tool we use conduct our governance and accounting/payroll), where you can officially propose quests, request to join quests, and vote on these sorts of decisions along with other members. For voting, you will receive your first Samara Voice tokens (SVOICE) when you receive your Apprentice Badge. Relative to longstanding members, you will have little Voice, however you can quickly earn compensation and more voice tokens by participating in Trainings (e.g. Scribe Training: taking notes on calls, disseminating notes and content after calls, and tending our knowledge gardens). These trainings are designed to provide you the skills and organizational norms that can help you steward Samara as you consider whether applying for a quest or role is the right next step. 


If you've successfully completed a Quest or have been assigned to a Role, you automatically become a Fellow, receiving your Fellow Badge and a Voice bonus. Fellows are members that are actively participating in quest(s) or holding role(s), and will often be seen "Lamplighting" pods and circles, facilitating, and working on immediate deliverables while envisioning future quests and strategic directions for Samara. Fellows may be committed to Samara for just a month or indefinitely. 

Council Membership

If you wind up demonstrating excellence through contributions to Samara, you may be invited to join the Samara Council. Council Members are celebrated by Samara for their wisdom, and thus offered additional voice and recognition after an official acceptance vote in the DHO. Council status and its associated Voice bonus can be granted indefinitely or for a specific period of time, subject to renewal. Council Members may or may not hold an active quest commitment or role. 

Alumni Membership

Finally, if you decide to step away from actively contributing to Samara, you'll become an Alumni member. In gratitude for your service, and in open invitation to return if you ever desire, you'll be kept connected to Samara through regular updates, requests for strategic input, and events. Note the both Fellowship and Council members are eligible for the Alumni badge. 

Enrollment Criteria

The following table is listing our current criteria to enroll in member badges. Note that these are specific to Samara and your mileage might vary. 

Level Criterium
Apprentice You have successfully completed the onboarding exercise for Samara, which consists of one or more onboarding calls and a short checklist that is delivered through a quest template.  
Fellowship You are a holder of the Apprentice badge and have successfully completed either a full quest (not an onboarding quest) or have been assigned to a role for one or more lunar cycles. 
Council  You are a holder of the Fellowship badge for at least 6 lunar cycles and have been on 10 quests or lunar cycles for role assignments. 
Alumni You are a holder of the Council badge or the Fellowship badge and are no longer active in the organization.