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How to Use This Book

We have divided this book into four chapters that are very much interrelated. While you can read this book in sequential order, we do encourage the adventurous reader to dive directly into chapters and pick those nuggets that are most helpful to you on your journey. The main chapters of the book are:

  1. Enter the World of Samara
  2. Start Your Own Adventure
  3. Build Your Own Organization
  4. Preparing the Beds and Sowing the Seeds
  5. Our Envisioned Harvest


Enter the World of Samara will give you our background story, where we came from, how we found each other and what the most meaningful events have been for us to build the kind of trust foundation that lie at the heart of Samara. It will also outline the different spaces and faces we've encountered on this journey and arrive at the Rhythms and Rituals we've established for now. 

Start Your Own Adventure is the portal for you to explore with us what is possible, beginning with an introduction to the main vessel that you need to travel safely in these new (sometimes rough) waters - the DHO (Decentralized Human Organization). We will outline a few analogies with molecular biology, simply because Seeds is a regenerative movement that is very much anchored in principles of nature. We conclude that chapter with the meiosis event, a symbiotic relationship we created with Hypha.

Build Your Own Organization will dive deeper into setting up your own entity, be that an organization, a hub, a community, a marketplace or a village. We will go over each element that is critical for your venture to find a safe passage through the ocean of advice that's already out there. We will touch upon important topics such as membership, compensation, tokens, and governance. The topics are real - Samara has implemented all of them - and you can pick and choose which ones resonate most with you and apply them in your context. 

Preparing the Beds and Sowing the Seeds takes a look outside of Samara into potential pilot projects that we will be engaged with. We will examine how to measure the impact we can have on a given bioregion and the toolset we will need to bring to support these efforts. Lastly, a lot of work has been done within the Movement Building Circle of Hypha and we'll take a closer look at how those efforts can complement the work of Samara. 

Our Envisioned Harvest is our vision and value proposition - how we want to take Samara into the future. We take a closer look at the "Organization-in-a-Box", the "Marketplace-in-a-Box", and the "Village-in-a-Box", as a concept to reach hundreds if not thousands of organizations (and by extension millions of people) out there that are  struggling with the inertia and pain of following the old paradigm. We hope to shed light on what the new paradigm is going to look like and how you can come aboard.