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Samara's Structural Elements


The path to the current phase of Samara

It took us a while in Samara, to define the work that needed to be done and where to start, in order to create a DHO. Some of the initial steps that proved to be helpful on the way:

  • We started identifying some key results (KRs)
  • One KR became one pod (small team of 3-5 people to work on a specific topic)


At a later stage we further evolved a new KRs map: 

  • KRs were grouped together by themes, such as "Samara Game Guide", "Samara purpose, values and tools", "Samara Local Pilots", "Samara Offerings"
  • Each member indicated their commitment (%) for each KR
  • Some of the KRs became a priority, with a lot of members committed to that specific work


As the work on each area advanced, it become clear that there were a lot of connections between KRs and that some separate conversations needed to be woven together.  

  • KR pods eventually transitioned to Primary Pods, with each primary pod working on a specific thematic area containing multiple KRS
  • These Primary Pods focused on 3 main areas: "Samara Soil / Game Guide", "Roots / Samara Purpose Practice Tools" and "Branches"
  • Each Samara member became part of one Primary Pod, responsible for its success yet still able to contribute to non-Primary Pod efforts. 
  • A Miro space for knowledge gardens was created for each Primary Pod


The Primary Pods of roughly 4 contributors seemed to be a good structure for being able to coordinate between members, schedule calls, and do asynchronous work while maintaining connection to the collective intelligence. 

 The Path forward

Samara will further asses if and how the Primary Pods can serve it on its future path and how the structure will evolve to other working teams and more permanent circles in the future.