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Are You Ready to Embark on This Journey?

Dear traveler from afar, are you ready to embark on your own journey? Since we (the Samarians) embarked on our journey a little over 3 months ago(!) a lot has feels like a decade compressed into a few shorts months. We spent days with the founding members of Hypha (including Rieki and Joachim), we talked to amazing coaches (including Emily and Joost), we listened to Hilma af Klint and of course we listened to Samara.

At this stage of our journey, we want to invite you to go on your own journey, while ours will continue on into the next chapter. The following pages will give you a roadmap, an affordance to set your path on, to understand the very basics that we had to go through in many, many hours of discussion and to hopefully provide you with a blueprint for your own (ad)venture. Whatever direction you are taking, please rest assured we are here to help you and we encourage you to stay connected with the rest of us that are out there changing the world. It's a journey we are all taking together. Onwards, humans. 

We will begin the journey by outlining what the vessel is - the very first step if you are planning to cross an ocean - and explain the difference between a DAO and a DHO. Next, we will go over the fundamental building blocks of the DHO - DNA and RNA - to understand the necessary pre-work that you go though before launching your own (ad)venture. We conclude with a meitosis event that created the initial funding for Samara as a potential model to spawn many more DHOs in the future through a simple process called incubation quest