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Samara Offerings

Samara's value proposition is embedded in two evolutionary processes - purposing1 and unfolding

Sensing into the purposing1 of Samara (the constant evolution of our core purpose), there are several fields of activation and creation out there that we are attracted to and resonate with. Activation is the field of aligning with existing entities (villages, communities, alliance partners) and cooperating on shared activities. Building is the activity of co-creating something new which can result in shared blueprints or knowledge recipes. The green hexagons are highly aligned with Samara’s current purpose (link), followed by other purposes in gray (some of which are addressed by other groups of Seeds/Hypha).


Organization Building has everything to do with creating a new kind of organization, enacting a socio-technical stack that puts the human at the center of the organization. Our approach is to create a simple container that includes all necessary parts to launch and to accelerate the process of building an organization. This container (or vessel) is what we call "Organization-in-a-Box" and  "Marketplace-in-a-Box".  Once shipped, it can be "unboxed" and "activated" at the destination, a process that establishes the necessary trust and reciprocity first, before looking for a potential solution space. 

Sensing into Samara's second evolutionary process - the unfolding - we can see potential pathways from our core purpose into increasingly larger possibilities of gradually expanding the offerings of Samara. This picture is by no means complete and will evolve over time. At this early stage, we've experienced Hypha's Incubation Quest (the first "Meiosis" of this kind in Hypha's organization) and have co-created the first steps towards a new kind of organization, acting as an independent entity. From here, the possibilities are endless - launching new quests, creating new offerings (e.g. starter or extension kits), doing our own meiosis, or working on a broader Samara-as-a-Service concept to become a new kind of global service-oriented ecosystem, not unlike a consultancy, but with the aim of symmathesy and not rivalry. 


[1] A term coined by Paulo Carvalho, a member of Hypha and SEEDS