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Samara's Archetypes


Archetypes are fundamental building blocks of an organization (part of the DNA), they are defined once and then become stable and active for a longer period of time. Archetypes represent a recurrent symbol or pattern of the organization as a way to group certain kinds of activities together. These Patterns of behavior are defined by the needs and capacities of Samara and they are needed in balanced proportions in order for wholeness and coherence to arise. Each organization will have a different set of archetypes to create their own trajectory of where the organization is heading in the future. 

Archetypes are a way to combine natural talents and strengths with the needs and capacities of the organization. 

There are three archetypes that organizations need to define: 
  1. Organizational archetypes
  2. Role archetypes
  3. Badge archetypes

Organizational archetypes set the energy and direction of the organization - be that more radical, more spiritual, more efficient, more participatory, more chaotic, or more hierarchical, to name a few. It is very important to agree on the organizational archetypes early on, since this will have a detrimental impact on the way the organization (and by extension its people) act and behave inside and outside the membrane. It will also have an impact on the role and badge archetypes. 

Role archetypes are an attractor for the kind of work we feel drawn towards in our lives. They are also connected to job postings and describe the kind of activity a circle might be looking for. In that sense, role-archetypes "will find you" as you browse through the current job openings inside the organization. For example, a product development team might be looking for a B3 Building & Architecting archetype describing the base complexity and type of work required to fill this position. It can also limit capacity the organization is willing to hold and expand into ("we currently have budget for 3 people in the B3 Building & Architecting role archetype"). The framework for role archetypes is based on the work of Dr. Anneloes Smitsman.

Badge archetypes are part of the larger credentialing ecosystem. There are many ways to recognize an achievement, and many forms of proof for a variety of needs. A badge serves both as recognition of learning or unlocking achievement or confirming a status level AND digital proof of that accomplishment. Badges are also "signal amplifiers" that multiply your existing work in the DHO. For example, if you work in a 60% committed role earning $10,000, a potential badge could increase your SVOICE tokens by a factor of 1.01 for each salary claim (giving you 100 more SVOICE per claim). If you do not have a role (you do not have a responsibility and/or earn a salary), then the multiplier is 0 and the badge has no value. In other words, the badge only amplifies existing work and is only meaningful inside this context. 

Samara's Role Archetypes

Note that these role archetype are specific to Samara and your mileage might vary.

Building & Developing 

  • “Building the foundations”   [Internal Focus]
  • Pattern of coding and Recording what Samara and SEEDS IS 
  • You’ll be putting in the roots/patterns and proposing upgrades to Samara’s org/governance/etc… You will be sensing deeply into Samara’s emergence and recording new  ‘codes’ for the organisation. This mostly involves creating the documentation and forming the roots.


  • “Creating possibilities for the future “
  • Pattern of Innovation & invention, Research and Science 
  • Governance - You’ll be studying SEEDS and Samara’s Governance, tapping into the field of what it wants to become, and proposing upgrades before supporting the process.
  • Economic - You’ll be studying the economics of SEEDS and Samara, tapping into the field of what it wants to become, and proposing upgrades before supporting the process.
  • Self-organisation - You’ll be studying how people and groups can be supported towards greater capacity and greater self-organisation.

Facilitating, Cultivating, Caring 

  • “Cocoon structure holding the space”
  • Pattern of being empathic, Healing, Mysticism, holding space, Mediating and balancing
  • You will be Facilitating, Holding the space and Onboarding new people within SEEDS and Samara. You will also be co-sensing and nurturing the community and container. You act as a healing and easing presence towards the spaces between different characters. You help us evolve by focusing on the people and the container (cocoon).

Catalysing Bio-Regions and Pilot Projects 

  • “Building bridges, growing connections & decentralizing abundance “ [External Focus]
  • Pattern of Weaving, Movement-Making, Educating and Teaching
  • You are bringing the learnings of Samara/Hypha and SEEDS to communities, helping them organise and weave into the movement. You are focused on expanding and collaborating with aligned networks and communities. 

New Paradigm Storytelling & Pollinating New Perceptions

  • “Capturing, Sharing and amplifying the story”
  • Pattern of Artistry, Map Making, Storytelling, Cross Pollinating
  • You are focused on the storytelling. You are a New Renaissance Artist creating and spreading the emergent culture. You are deeply embedded in contemplating the new way forward and passionate about sharing it in many forms. You create the media and renaissance art of the movement. You make it beautiful, engaging and share invitations that travel far and wide!

Samara's Badge Archetypes

Note that these badge archetype are specific to Samara and your mileage might vary.


Membership Badges

  • Samara Apprentice - The first level of membership for guests
  • Samara Fellowship The second level of membership for apprentices
  • Samara Council - The final level of membership for fellows
  • Samara Alumni - Membership badge after leaving the org

Basic Badges

  • Lamplighter - Attending Collective Sensing calls for the team and bridging info to team calls
  • Facilitator - Facilitating calls (has attended facilitation workshops)
  • Scribe - Taking notes of calls and condensing information in the various channels to present during meeting
  • Treasurer - Managing the team budget. Noting when more capacity is available, making funding requests, and running the Collective Evaluation Process

Advanced Badges

  • Host - Cultivating a welcome and safe home for all Samarians and Guests
  • Onboarder - Helping new members join the team/circle
  • Mediator - To be called upon to mediate any interpersonal conflicts and disputes if needed
  • Librarian - Maintaining filing systems, databases, providing support.