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Samara Sacred Consultancy

What will the future bring? Nobody knows, but let's look into the Magic Crystal Ball for a moment and ask ourselves how prepared we are for a new kind of future in which Samarians can become a kind of "sacred consultancy" that honors the trust, space, rhythms, and rituals that we have created here and simply replicate and offer this model for other organizations. These questions are meant for reflection; there are no definitive answers and everyone will have a different answer for themself. They also transcend who we are by asking what others will become. We are not holding the torch and trying to "sell a solution" (see Stay-in-a-Box Consultancy below) - instead we want to pass the torch to the next generation and show them present new ways from their own understanding of the world. 

  • Why we can be good at what we do (unique imaginal cells)
  • Why we can represent the regenaissance (unique community support)
  • Why we can teach the next generation regenaissance leadership (unique conscious org)
  • Why we can easily replicate our model (unique technology stack)
  • Why we can go deep (vs. broad)  into the solution space (unique transformative impact)
  • Why we can easily transfer our DNA to others (unique knowledge logistics)
  • Why we can become more anti-fragile and anti-rivalrous (unique value creation)
  • Why we can birth (incubate) new entities (unique value exchange)
Stay-in-the-Box Consultancy Get-Out-Of-The-Box Consultancy
Scarcity mindset, not enough for everyone Abundance mindset, plenty for all
Many players & few winners Many players & many winners
Knowledge is hoarded and is power Knowledge is shared and becomes more powerful
Big bucks for big words in big decks Small tokens for impactful words in large regions
You wanted wheels with the car? That costs extra! Batteries are included!
Our way or the highway, so let's take the highway There are many roads to success, let's take the road not taken