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Status of the Chronicles

The Chronicles of Samara are co-created directly inside this wiki space, every participants will get Editor rights and can work on separate pages. 

PG=Page, CH=Chapter

Order/synthesis of structure: Dmitriy, Joachim, Bongi
Cover: Joachim
PG: Preface: Identity Pod (Roz, Alan, Dmitriy, Trent)
PG: Dedication: Identity Pod (Roz, Alan, Dmitriy, Trent)
PG: Who this book is for: Joachim & Bongi.
PG: How to use this book: Joachim & Bongi
CH: Enter the World of Samara: Identity Pod (Roz, Alan, Dmitriy, Trent)

CH: Samara’s Stories : YOU :slight_smile: (All Quest) to add own pages (perhaps from individual boards in Miro). [If on Monday not everyone has added or perhaps these pages are not cohesive, we can set aside to put in v2.0]

PG: What Has Worked so far and What we would do Differently: YOU :slight_smile: (All Quest)
CH: Grow the Roots: Game Guide Primary Pod + Joachim
CH: Strengthen the Trunk: Justin

CH: Sprout the Branches
PG: What is a Pilot Project: Local Pilots Primary Pod (Drigo, Jared, Fabi, Sven)
PG: Relationship with Hypha Movement Building Circle (MBC): Tyler
PG: Our Current Pilot Support: Local Pilots Primary Pod (Drigo, Jared, Fabi, Sven)
PG: Tools and Technology: Joachim and Bongi
CH: Future Flowers and Seeds: Alan + Joachim + Irina + Bongi+ Tyler
Epilogue: Bongi + Joachim
Glossary: Any & All Editors
Reference: Trent
About the Authors: Alan + Bongi


Activity Lead Status Comments
Install BookStack Wiki on Cloudron Joachim Done  
Register and invite all participants to Cloudron Bongi Done Use Cloudron credentials
Adjust and confirm the structure of the outline Bongi: Some changes but big ones abandoned - finishing + editing needed most Done Via Miro Board
Divvy up the work among all participants for each chapter Irina Open Via Miro Board
Launch hackathon and write, rewrite, cowrite, embed artifacts All Open Artifacts from anyone
Do a periodic group review and decide on status Bongi: propose Thursday formal move to review in Trunk Open  
Do an editorial review and final approval Bongi: propose Friday formal move to editing + final approval Monday Open UK vs US grammar and spelling rules, footnotes and ref notes, e.g. [Str2020]
Update wiki formatting (fonts, colors, chapter icons) Joachim In Progress Via Wiki Settings
Deliver the wiki as PDF and/or epub for the TD call Joachim In Progress Via 

The best way to catch up on all the writing is from the left side "Recent Activity" here (click on the "Game Guide" breadcrumb thingy in the middle). As an admin you can also access the audit log below showing all edits ever done in the wiki.



  • Public access to all pages (so we can share content without logging in)
  • Editor access only via Cloudron accounts (so we know who can edit)
  • Enable Comments (for quick feedback on content)
  • WYSIWYG Editor enabled (we can switch to markdown if desired)
  • Styling partially applied (font-size 1.1em, font-family: Cabin Sketch (for headings) and Open Sans)