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What Has Worked so far and What we would do Differently

To be Archived for now.

Assigned: all Samara for input (
deadline Friday) + Joachim for editorial review

Irina: Reconsidering if we are ready for this chapter now. Feel that Samara needs to go through some further reflections to come with a collective assessment of what worked and what didn't.  Happy to leave this out for now. 

Roz: Agree with Irina. Would like to build a habit of Retrospectives after key milestones, in order to build a continuous learning culture. A Retrospective at the end of our first Quest (and hence at the end of producing the Chronicle) would be appropriate, and the right time to address these questions. 

Tyler: agreed ^. 

Do differently: 

Do differently: 

Do differently: 

Irina: <3

Worked:  The daily call with Rieki to build Samara foundations
Do differently: Create a clear purpose for each call

Worked:  Trios for co-creation
Do differently: Clear structure for collective calls 

Worked:  Trusting that the right people will come
Do differently: Think twice before starting a startup with strangers from around the world :)

Worked:  Creating gardens for knowledge 
Do differently: Use Discord for chat and not more

Worked:  Starting the work for Samara in winter time (no gardening activities)
Do differently: Make sure people are committed for a good amount of time before starting


Worked: Agreed minimal governance proposal. 
Do Differently: Start and establish a v1.0:
- Which anyone can propose to evolve
- With very high participation required right at the beginning
- Sociocratic principles and distributed authority training/requirements and distinctions

Worked: Open meetings and deep exploration that fostered initial human connection. 1:1 that followed to enhance this.
Do Differently: Have more 1:1's at the beginning when the open time and initial connections are forming. Have that lead into revealing purpose very early on.

Worked: Quest proposal for Hypha. 
Do Differently: Start it much sooner once clarity and definition of purpose is agreed to. 

Worked: Working in focus groups of 3 and then shifting to 4 for starting work. Growing/ taking to larger group as topic/proposal/work material evolved.
Do Differently: Schedule rare ceremonial meetings for everyone (all sub groups) in org to attend. Schedule human/process/action meetings. Breakout rooms to check in personally with max 3 people. Do this at the end of any arduous cycle and have it flexibly scheduled very early on to anchor the coming together in a clear, anticipated and meaningful way.

Joachim: <3

Worked: Define some simple ground rules, then just do it
Do differently: Don't discuss rules and make them overly complex

Worked: Put trust at the front and center of what we do (trust people & process)
Do differently: Be overly skeptical to new approaches

Worked: Free flow of conversations
Do differently: Anchor conversations early on in principles and purpose

Worked: Zoom meetings (which comes at a cost)
Do differently: The asynchronous space in-between Zoom meetings

Worked: Diverge, then converge (be inclusive, listen to all voices)
Do differently: Converge, then diverge (be rigid, remove unneeded or unnecessary voices)