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Symmatesy Living Systems Learn


Symmatesy Living Systems Learn

 Symmatesy results from the understanding of a livings system as a interdependent learning relation.

Symmathesy Greek prefix Syn/ Sym (together) + Mathesi, (to learn) =Learning together (Pronounced: sym- math-a-see)

Symmathesy (Noun): An entity composed by contextual mutual learning through interaction. This process of interaction and mutual learning takes place in living entities at larger or smaller scales of symmathesy.

Symmathesy (Verb): to interact within multiple variables to produce a mutual learning context.

Symmatesy concept allows us to establish a very relevant continuum for live and living systems.

The question of what is the system learning is there for revealing of its vitality.  A DHO as a Learning hedge if made explicit its implementation gains strength.