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April 20 to June 10 Remuneration Protocol for Samara contributors

For the period after ending the first Hypha quest, from April 20 to June 10, the following remuneration protocol applies:

  • All Samara members who contributed in this period propose the contribution (%)  they feel they had during this time, by filling the spreadsheet “Compensations”; 
    Note: Recommend to read the section on mindshare in Samara Chronicles to help you define the contribution

  • We do the Co-Ev 

  • Samara members can update their contribution (%) following the Co-ev process (recommendation not obligation) 

  • The salary bands related with contribution will be determined in the following way: 70k for 1%- 49% contribution, 90k for 50%-79% contribution, 110k for >80% contribution

  • All contributions will be remunerated with Samara tokens at a multiplier of 1.8. 

  • 3 Samara members were remunerated with HUSD in this period (following the proposals being voted on Loomio).These members will receive the balance of Samara tokens to match their total contribution. 


  • Propose contributions (%) by June 10 (the sooner the better)

  • Co-ev process: June 11 - June 14

  • Update contributions (%) - June 15

  • Finalise and update Stokens and SVoice on June 16

    Note: This protocol applies to everyone who has been with Samara in this period and has the intention to further contribute and not only to those who were part of the first quest.