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What policies are needed

(note: this is an initial stab at a list, by far not complete)

Finance & Payroll Policies

  1. Payroll & compensation (tokens & formulas)
  2. Funding & allocating (investors & tokens)
  3. Genesis contributions (value & voice)
  4. Treasury (redemption & accounting)

Governance Policies

  1. Badge multipliers (skills & achievements)
  2. Membership criteria (level & voice)
  3. Decision methods (quorum & unity)
  4. Circles in Samara (creating and formalizing circles) 

DHO Policies

Note: this is how future policies are configured in the DHO, with

# value or ## name-value pair, % percentage, ? toggle yes-no, & document, @ section

  1. Activities/RNA (assignments, contributions, quests, #length-trial, #length-regular)
  2. Organization/DNA (##tokens, %token-decay, ##composite salary, ##complexity bands, &policies, &circles, &role-archetypes, &badge-archetypes, &org-archetypes, @accounting, @treasury)
  3. Voting Methods (%quorum, %unity, #length, ?blocking, ?5-scale, ?dynamic quorum,  ?accelerated voting, ?high pass filter)
  4. Voice (%voice-decay, ?voice-delegation, ?account or token-based) 
  5. Brand (#color schema, &logo, &identity)
  6. Communications (?on-chain or off-chain)