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How policies are decided

  1. The new policy is drafted in this book (create new page and assign a sponsor)
  2. The new policy is discussed and refined (allow editing and keep revisions)
  3. The Samara organization is voting on the policy
    1. Freeze editing and set status  (admin only)
    2. Loomio vote (link to the policy page) OR
    3. DHO 90/30 vote (when available)
  4. When passed, the policy is enacted
    1. Change status to passed and add date
    2. Assemble team and timeline to execute policy
  5. When updated, the policy is amended
    1. Freeze is lifted (admin only)
    2. Note is added for amendment
    3. Make edits (try to do in one session)
    4. Policy is voted on again (#3)
    5. Link to revision page is added