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Kick Off Session Flow

The intention of this session is to orientate new Ambassadors to meet other members in the ecosystem and form their Tribes so they have others to support them in their Academy journey, to remind them about the requirements of the Academy Journey and resources that are available for them.

Kick-off session flow structure

Welcome (2 mins)

  • Introduction to the Subcircle
  • Who are the team members in the current subcircle
  • Each team member does a brief introduction about self

Check in - Name/Place (8 mins)

Walk briefly through the SEEDS Ambassador Academy Website (10 mins)

  • Go through the Journey on the MBC website and the steps, checklist, calendars and available tools
  • Important to inform the cohort - we focus on SEEDS and Personal Growth as we are system
  • Be Unstoppable 1 & 2 and Deep Dive is about Personal Growth and in person attendance is required

Breakout Room (3-4 people per room - every person = 2-3 mins) - Total 12 mins

  • Get to Know Each Other Session
    • Name / Place / Favorite Seed/Fruit
    • Share about their 1 min video
    • What is your intention for joining SEEDS?
    • And Why SEEDS?

Break them into tribes (4-5 people) - each person = 2-3 mins =  total 18 mins

  • Come up with a tribe name
  • Share what are you currently working on
  • How do you see yourselves contributing in this SEEDS ecosystem

Reminder (5 mins)

  • Reminder: to subscribe to SEEDS Academy calendar &  SEEDS Events calendar
  • Get support from your Tribe and connect with your Buddy (they will be informed soon) - Show them discord and pin messages - Tribes and # Ambassador General
  • Join the Academy Weekly Calls & Global Ambassadors Calls - optional
  • Join MBC calls - as a "butterfly on the wall"
  • All the messages will be reposted again in their Tribes - check in on their Tribes often
    • Especially Sprouting Missions

Checkout (5 mins)