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Sprouting Mission

We are excited to have you onboard the SEEDS Ambassador Academy.  To kick start your journey here with your Tribe, we have prepared some missions below as a way for you to get to know the ecosystem, meet members of the community, grow and learn with your Tribe members, and begin creating impact in SEEDS and in regenerating our planet.

These missions are in no particular order.   Feel free to start with any one of them and we strongly encourage you to share your learnings in your Tribe discord group.  We understand from the previous cohorts, learning as a group was valuable to them.



  • Invite someone to SEEDS 
  • Support them to evolve to Resident
  • Join the Global Ambassador Call
  • Reach out to your buddy and jump on a call to connect with each other
  • Join the Neighborhood Cafe
  • Participate in the Meet Seedizens
  • Join eTownhall - Proposal Nursery Call
  • Join eTownhall - Proposal with Purpose Call
  • Join eTownhall - Global Passport Update Call
  • Play with Passport App and click on all the links to find out what it can do
  • Download the Light Wallet App and spend some time to discover it!
  • Write an article for the SeedsLibrary
  • Be part of your bioregion group and meet someone from your bioregion
  • Be part of a topic discussion on Discord
  • Learn more about Movement Building Circle - (pls note: we are constantly updating the website due to the rapid changes we are experiencing in our ecosystem)
  • Join One (1) Movement Building Subcircle meeting  as a “butterfly on the call” - definition of butterfly on the call - you are welcome to listen in and learn.  The meeting is meant for members of the subcircle to focus on matters at hand and we kindly ask you to respect the meeting.  Any questions you may have, you may post them on the appropriate channel in Discord.
  • Recommend a book or video related to Regenerative Renaissance
  • Co-facilitate One (1) Global Ambassador Call, Proposal Nursery Call, or eTownhall event


Together With Your Tribe:

  • Get together with your TRIBE on a call to exchange information on what you have learned about SEEDS
  • Invite someone to join as an Ambassador and to attend the NEW Ambassador Onboarding Call
  • Onboard at least 1 organization together
  • Be on an organization onboarding call with another Ambassador - please write down what you learned in the process and share it with your Tribe